Are You Burning Out or Just Burned Up? Signs You Need More Work-Life Balance

The oil fields, mines, and industrial jobs that power Gillette don’t just keep the lights on – they demand grueling 12-hour shifts, endless overtime, and little chance to unwind. Sure, the paychecks are big. But at what cost to your health, relationships, and personal life? This is a recipe for burnout.


Far too many hardworking folks across our community are running on empty, sacrificing sleep, exercise, and precious family time to stay ahead of the workload. A person may grit their teeth and power through each day with sheer determination. But that internal motor can’t run full-throttle forever before it overheats.


If this sounds like your reality, you could be speeding straight toward burnout. This state of chronic stress and exhaustion affects your productivity, mood, health, and overall quality of life. Ignoring the signs could put your most important roles – parent, partner, and/or provider – at risk.


So how can you recognize if you’re burned out versus just temporarily drained? Here are some common red flags to watch for:


Physical Signs

    • Persistent fatigue and low energy even after sleeping

    • Frequent colds, infections, or illnesses from a weakened immune system

    • Muscle tension, headaches, or unexplained physical pains

    • Changes in appetite or sleeping habits

Emotional Signs

    • Feeling cynical, resentful, or increasingly negative outlook

    • Sense of dread starting each workday or interacting with others

    • Lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating

Behavioral Signs

    • Withdrawing from responsibilities and avoiding social situations

    • Skipping workouts and making unhealthy food choices regularly

    • Taking out your frustration on loved ones

If you checked off multiple signs from each category, it's time to make some changes before you burn out completely. Your personal and professional success depends on taking better care of your overall well-being.

Not sure where to start? It can be a bit overwhelming to admit you need help. A counselor can help you regain control and set boundaries. Talk to Matt today to discuss your situation and our availability.



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