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Our goal is to provide a space free of judgment to help unload heavy burdens. Life is full of reasons to struggle but with counseling, you can learn the necessary coping skills to regulate your circumstances.


Turn problems into chances to grow. Rewrite untrue stories you believe about yourself and build strength for the future. No matter how long it takes, we’ll support you in making progress while you gain the skills to make wise choices, cope bravely, and connect meaningfully every day moving forward.

Treatment Options May Include:


Group, family or individual therapy

Case management

Discharge Planning

Coping skills

the intake process
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Your call will be answered by Matt. His ability to welcome you into our warm atmosphere is second to none.

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We'll create an online portal for you where you can complete an initial questionnaire. All your info is secure. 

Assessment Review

Your counselor will assess the information you submitted and plan an appropriate offering to help you.

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Our counselors are looking forward to meeting you to develop coping skills that regulate your life.

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Find Help & Healing

Our friendly team is deeply passionate about helping clients. When you first visit, you’ll feel the warm welcome ease your worries. 


Our smaller group sizes help people open up and make progress that supports their recovery efforts. Groups meet you where you are by offering empathy and hope, whether you struggle with using substances or feel alone.


We care about people growing into their best selves and we’ll support you through tough times on the path forward.

Take the first step with us today toward the peaceful life you deserve.


Tailored To You

With a complete picture of your needs, we customize integrated care just for you:


  • Individual counseling to gain skills, process emotions, heal wounds, change limiting beliefs
  • Group sessions with others facing similar substance use disorders, relationship challenges, transitions, etc. 
  • Couples counseling for intimacy skills despite life’s ups and downs
  • Family therapy for growing together into healthy new chapters

Substance Misuse

Are you or someone you care about struggling with drug, alcohol, or other substance use issues? We offer on-site and off-site assessments (ASI). You can also book group sessions.

Mental Health

Everyone faces troubles that can impact mental wellness - from daily stress to bigger life challenges. You'll learn to recognize signs of poor health and what to do to reverse them.

Life Transitions

Change can derail you and leave you feeling alone. Connect with a counselor and start moving confidently towards renewed purpose and joy again.

Couples & Families

We help couples and relatives work through challenges in caring ways. The goal is for you to grow stronger together by sharing in vulnerability and trust.

Interested in interning?

Part of helping both our clients and community is by guiding the next group of caring counselors.

Join our mission of nurturing wellbeing. Become part of the excellent standard in helping careers at Step Stone.

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Take advantage of simple options for scheduling your first counseling appointment. Our team stands ready to welcome you and jumpstart your journey toward hope and healing.

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Step Stone Counseling provides outpatient counseling services to adults, couples, and families.

In addition to individual services, IOP and OP group services are available for anyone who needs that level of care.