Counseling Internships

Training Future Counselors

At Step Stone Counseling, we help people and our community. We do this by teaching new counselors how to be caring and helpful.


We look for students and people who just finished school to join our team as interns. This is a way for them to learn more about being counselors. It’s for people who are almost counselors and for those who want to start learning about this work.

get better on the inside counseling

As an intern here, you gain useful on-the-job experience:



Learn assessments to understand client needs



Watch licensed counselors with clients



Build your real-world toolset of proven methods



Get regular mentoring from our team

Stephanie's Internship testimony

Step Stone Counseling is truly the epitome of professionalism, not only for their clients, other agencies, but with their own staff and that includes the opportunity to learn through their internship capabilities.

Dr. Dougherty was extremely knowledgeable and patient. She is very kind and immediately welcomed me into their work family and I felt very comfortable with each member of her staff. This agency is well-known for its services of providing substance abuse treatment, however, offers mental health and couples counseling as well.


When you enter Step Stone Counseling, you immediately feel a sense of composed tranquility giving clients a much-needed calm in their otherwise overwhelming lives. The atmosphere with this agency brings out a person’s need for calmness, which enhances the true meaning of serenity.


The staff at this agency offer clients a place where they can be themselves and giving a sense of compassion and empathy without fear of judgment. Each client will experience a curriculum that offers education concerning substance use with or without mental health issues. The clients can work towards a substance free life by utilizing the tools offered and implementing them into their daily lives. The staff helps clients dig deep within themselves to reach their full potential in discovering a life without alcohol and drugs hindering that probability.

– Stephanie

Join our team to help people feel better. Be part of a great group that cares for others at Step Stone.

Step Stone Counseling provides outpatient counseling services to adults, couples, and families.

In addition to individual services, IOP and OP group services are available for anyone who needs that level of care.